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3 Reasons Your Customer Wants Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is one of the fastest growing industries, and there's plenty of reasons why. However, we've tried to boil it down to 3 different reasons that your customer wants you to install landscape lighting (whether they know it yet or not!):

1. Beauty: Your customer loves their house, and they want every opportunity they have to show it off. By installing landscape lighting, you're illuminating different aspects of their architecture and spotlighting special landscaping on their property. This makes their beloved home look beautiful at ALL times, which is what they really want. 

2. Usability: Your customer doesn't want to stay inside in the evenings if they've spent money on an outdoor living area. By installing landscape lighting, you're ensuring that your customers are able to continue use of their outdoor living area even after the sun goes down (and the sun goes down every night!). 

3. Safety & Security: There are a couple of different aspects to this. By illuminating pathways and potential tripping hazards, you are making a house safer in the evenings and making it less likely that people will get injured. In addition, having a well lit landscape creates a great deterrent against potential thieves by eliminating dark spaces. 

If you're interested in learning more about landscape lighting and how to sell this to your customer, we have many different resources to help you out:

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*Photo provided by Kichler  Landscape Lighting.