4 Reasons to be an Automatic Rewards Member

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4 Reasons to be an Automatic Rewards Member

1. You can use your points to purchase anything.

One of the best things about our Rewards Program is that you can use your points to purchase whatever your heart desires. There are no catalogs to sort through - if there's something you want, and you have enough points to purchase it, we will purchase it for you! Our only limitation is that you can't redeem your points for cash. Talk about a great deal!

2. The redemption process is a breeze.

Want to redeem your points? All you have to do is contact your sales representative and tell him what you want, and he will purchase it for you! We'll even bring it to your office if that's what you want!

3. You can network with other landscape professionals.

Our Rewards Event gives you a great opportunity to network with other professionals in the landscape industry. By networking with other professionals, you can gain insights from others' perspective that will help your business.

4. Annual Automatic Rewards Event

Every year we have a Rewards Event to celebrate the members of our Rewards Program. The event is held in downtown Indianapolis, includes heavy hors d'oeuvres, an open bar, play money casino games, and raffles prizes and giveaways. You will have a blast at this event!