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5 Tips for Successfully Selling Holiday Lights

It may sound crazy to start thinking about holiday lighting in August, but from what we've discovered, it's never too early to start discussing holiday lighting with your customers. If you're managing all other aspects of their property (mowing, landscape lighting, hardscapes, etc.), this is a perfect foot in the door with your customers. We have some tips on how to make these sales to your homeowners:

1. Reach out to your customers. The easiest business for you to get is the business that you already have. Up sell your customers on this service, and put their mind at ease. 

2. Remind your customers of the dangers of installing holiday lighting themselves. Nearly 13,000 homeowners nationwide make a trip to the ER for holiday-related decorating activities. Don't let your customers be one of them! 

3. Qualify the customer. Be sure to identify the size and type of the property, the timeline, and their budget. That way you can give them an accurate estimate of what the project will be. 

4. Make the quote easy to read. Break the quote down by different segments of the installation: roof line, trees out front, garland & wreath, etc. That way, it's easy for them to understand why the price is what you're giving them. 

5. Ask for the sale. Focus on the beautiful, festive installation that you're going to give the customer. Walk through project timing, be confident, and ask for their order. 

Interesting in learning  more about holiday lighting? Take the three holiday lighting courses we have available on our Contractor Training Portal HERE.