7 Strategies for Selling Wi-Fi Irrigation Control Upgrades

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7 Strategies for Selling Wi-Fi Irrigation Control Upgrades

There have been a lot of new developments in the world of irrigation control within the last five years. These new products and technologies open up a world of opportunity to sell upgrades to customers with existing irrigation systems. Here are 7 tips to help you get customers on board with a new Wi-Fi irrigation control system:

  1. Start Early – Winter may seem like a strange time to start talking irrigation control, but it is a great time to start planning your selling strategy. It also allows customers to start thinking about investing in a new control system, which may need to be budgeted for.

  2. Get Your Crew Trained – In order to properly sell, install and service Wi-Fi irrigation controllers, your crew must be well trained. Investing time in training will ensure they are comfortable talking about the technology with customers and will install it right the first time. Automatic Supply offers in-person training as well as online training on this topic. Many manufacturers also have training resources that can be used to become familiar with their products.

  3. Specialize in Specific Products – With almost every major irrigation manufacturer offering Wi-Fi control, there are quite a few products in the marketplace. Choose 2 or 3 products that you feel best suit the needs of your customers and become experts on those.

  4. Plan a Promotion – Whether it’s a postcard mailer, email newsletter, door hangers, or something else, plan a way to get the word out to your existing customers about the benefits of Wi-Fi control. Don’t have a large customer list to send information to? Mailing lists can be purchased from many different companies and customized to fit your target market.

  5. Create Statement Stuffers – Include a statement stuffer in all correspondence with your customers. This is an easy and low-cost way to make them aware of new offerings that you may have including Wi-Fi control.

  6. Talk Wi-Fi – Make sure every conversation you have with your customers include a note about the benefits of Wi-Fi irrigation. Even if they are not ready to make the investment at that time, it gets them thinking about the possibility.

  7. Encourage Referrals – Everyone loves to show off new technology. Encourage Wi-Fi customers to show off their new controller to others and refer them to you for an upgrade. Offer a gift card to a local restaurant, a voucher for a discount on future services, or something similar in return for a referral.

There are many ways to sell upgrades to irrigation customers and only you can know what works for your market. At Automatic Supply, we're happy to help you and your company with your marketing and selling efforts - just ask an Automatic team member for details!