8 Ways To Show Your Support For Smart Irrigation Month

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8 Ways To Show Your Support For Smart Irrigation Month

Do your customers understand that efficient irrigation can save them water and money? The Irrigation Association has put together tools & ideas to help you raise awareness of Smart Irrigation Month. Utilizing these tools can position your company as a leader in water-saving practices with customers, business partners and peers.

1. Promote the benefits of smart irrigation with social media graphics that can be customized to meet your needs. 

2. Add social media cover photos on your company or individual social media account.

3. Add the Smart Irrigation Month logo to your website, email signature, ads, field signs, invoices and more.

4. Post a blog post about irrigation best practices on your website or incorporate it in your email marketing.

5. Make smart irrigation the theme of sales calls.

6. Feature water-efficient products and services in displays, ads, promotions and product demos with the Smart Irrigation Month logo.

7. Use a banner, outside signage or counter sign to encourage customers to ask about how smart irrigation can save water and money.

8. Encourage customers to make existing systems more efficient with easy retrofits, like rain sensors, moisture sensors and pressure regulators.

To learn more about Smart Irrigation month, visit the Irrigation Association website