AIS: Creating Tools to Help Your Business

AIS: Creating Tools to Help Your Business

To best help you and your business, we've created two new helpful tools that we hope will provide you a consolidated place to do your training and search for industry related items. 

New Training Page

We've consolidated training from our Training Portal, our manufacturer's training portals, and YouTube videos to provide you a guide to training yourself and your crews. Many of the links lead to YouTube playlists that include videos within that category. 


New Contractor Search

To help you more easily find what you're looking for, we created a custom, industry-related search engine. This means you no longer have to spend time searching through lots of unrelated results on Google.

Here are two pictures... one of a Google search for "pumps" and one of a search on our custom search engine for "pumps":

You can access the custom search from any page of our website by clicking on the magnifying glass.

Take a look at these pages and let us know any feedback you have by email!