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Automatic Announcement



In 1993, when we bought this company, we set out to provide the best product and best service to our customers. At the time, all that our company sold were products related to irrigation.

Since then, we have added several new product lines, most of which were suggested by our customers, including landscape lighting, water features and ponds, drainage, tools, erosion control, artificial turf, holiday lighting, and snow and ice removal products. Most recently, we've begun adding outdoor living products, such as outdoor speakers and kitchens.

In 1993, the name Automatic Irrigation Supply summed up what we had to offer. We're not the same company that we were in 1993.

Over the past few years, we've discussed this within our company. And we decided that it was time to rebrand.

While researching what to do, one of the things we learned was that what resonated with a lot of you was the name Automatic: that summed up the product availability and service that we've worked so hard to provide.

So, we're proud to announce the renaming and rebranding of our company: Automatic Supply. Our familiar logo will remain the same, but our tagline emphasizes our areas of business: Outdoor Living, Lighting, and Irrigation. While irrigation is and will remain a huge part of what we offer, we feel that the new tagline sums up all of our offerings, not just a portion of it.

Our growth and success has been based on your loyalty and input over the years and we hope that will continue to be the case. We love to hear from you both in how we’ve done well and how we can better serve you in the future. And as for us, we will continue to provide our customers the best products and service in the landscape supply industry.