Our Favorite New Products from the Irrigation Show

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Our Favorite New Products from the Irrigation Show

Hunter HPC Face Panel

The HPC uses Hydrawise technology to offer automatic watering schedule updates based on real-time climate data and deliver instant alerts to contractors in the event of a problem in the system. It’s made for retrofitting modular and fixed station Pro-C controllers manufactured since March 2014 or for new installations that demand modular functionality. Simply swap out the dial face panel on any Pro-C with the new touch-screen HPC, and you have an economical and effective way to provide customers with the 21st-century tools that they demand.

Hunter HPC Irrigation Controller

Rain Bird XFS-CV Dripline

Rain Bird’s XFS-CV dripline has built-in check valves and pure copper chips in every emitter to protect against root intrusion, it can take on any on-surface, sub-surface, sloped or level-grade application.

Rain Bird XFS-CV Dripline

Hunter ACC2 Commercial Controller

While Hunter provided a sneak peak of this product last year at the IA Show, this year it made its official debut and won the Irrigation Association’s New Product Award in the irrigation category. Hunter’s ACC2 controller delivers advanced water management to meet the demands of large-scale commercial projects with the ability to run up to 14 valves simultaneously. The ACC2 can be configured for any commercial project, from 12 to 54 stations, with up to 6 flow meter inputs, and up to 6 pump/master valve outputs.

Hunter ACC Commercial Irrigation Controller

Atlantic Water Gardens TidalWave Variable Speed Controller

The TidalWave VSC allows you to vary the output of Tidal Wave TT & TW-Series Asynchronous pumps wirelessly by remote control or mobile app. It also allows you to set both on and off times as well as drop to 25% of the total flow in 10 levels of adjustment giving you the ultimate control over water flow.

Atlantic water feature controller

FX Luminaire LP Underwater Light

Designed for small spaces, the LP adds a unique architectural element to any water feature. Its natural brass construction ensures durability. With three color filters, integrated Luxor® Technology and lead length options, the LP creates numerous possibilities for any project.

FX Luminaire underwater light