FX Luminaire's Standard & Designer Series

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FX Luminaire's Standard & Designer Series

FX Luminaire, a division of Hunter Industries, manufactures a wide range of products, including traditional and niche lighting fixtures, transformers, controllers, and accessories. To better present their diverse array of solutions, they have established a new classification system for their products based on materials, technology, and price.

To help determine which fixtures are best suited for each project and budget, FX has created two categories for their fixtures: Designer (integrated LED fixtures compatible with Luxor zoning, dimming, and/or color technology), and Standard (lamp-fitted fixtures compatible with simple transformers).

Each series is divided into three levels based primarily on material construction and corrosion resistance: Base, Plus, and Premium. The general price point of fixtures increases from Standard to Designer and within each series from Base to Plus to Premium levels.

This system will help lighting designers and installers present and sell lighting solutions by giving them the power to group similar fixtures and show customers options at varying budgets. Because this system easily helps buyers understand where their proposed solution fits among the many different options, it is also conducive to upselling.

The video below helps to explain the different series available. To learn more, visit www.fxl.com.