Get Ahead of Mosquito Problems with NuTone

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Get Ahead of Mosquito Problems with NuTone

It recently came out in the news that Indiana could expect to see mosquitoes and ticks earlier than normal this year. A Purdue University entomology professor, Catherine Hill, indicated that due to the mild winter in Indiana coupled with the wet spring, that could mean that these insects will be out early and will be prolific.* While this isn't the news anyone wants to hear, this is the perfect opportunity to get in front of your customers and offer them a solution to this pesky problem.

Our NuTone Haven Backyard Mosquito Repellent System will help repel mosquitoes from bogging down your customers' outdoor activities. These systems are effective, convenient, safe, simple to use and are easy to install. They are odorless, silent and invisible during use. No scary chemicals, loud zapping noises, or smelly bug spray. Plus, they are easy to install. 

Check out this video on NuTone Haven's Features & Benefits:

 Check out this video to see how easy installation is:

Don't believe us? Check out these two testimonial videos (one of which is a customer in Minnesota - where mosquitoes are joked to be the state bird!):

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*Source: The HeraldTimes Online HERE.