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Automatic Supply has been the Midwest's premier golf irrigation distributor for over three decades. We are proud to be the exclusive distributor of Hunter Industries Golf products throughout Indiana and Western Kentucky. With over 50 years of combined experience between our three golf irrigation specialists, Automatic Supply can make sure any golf needs are met.



We offer great service.

Automatic Supply can help with design, project management, field service, GPS mapping, and of course support for all our golf products. We handle everything from reservoir to rotor, including pump stations, pipe and valves, central control, and of course sprinklers. For more information about our golf division, services, or products, contact Jim Held.


Golf Rotor

Automatic Supply is the exclusive Hunter Industries Golf distributor in the state of Indiana and western Kentucky. We carry everything you need to irrigate your golf course. That includes rotors, Central Control, Integrated Control, Satellite, swing joints, and so much more.

We have what you need for your golf course.

Automatic Supply also has wire locators, current testers, multimeters, and other electronic tracking equipment from Armada Technologies. These items are essential for checking on your golf irrigation system.


Automatic Supply stocks durable, contractor-grade landscape tools including tampers, shovels, rakes, trench scoops, valve keys, and many more of the tools you need for your golf course.

We also carry Underhill tools including drain blasters to attach to the end of hoses, and EasyReach Keys for Rain Bird and Toro sprinklers. 


Central Control Training

Pump Station Service

Pump Station Retro-fitting

Rain Bird Global Support Plan (GSP)

Pump Station Preventative Maintenance

Golf GPS Mapping Services

Water Auditing


Automatic Supply has your drainage essentials covered, with high quality pipe, fittings, catch basins, and grates. We are proud to stock products from industry leaders ADS and NDS.

Specialty: French drains are a whole lot easier with EZ-Flo pipe from NDS. This drainage pipe is pre-sleeved with styrofoam and does not require gravel trenching for installation.


Looking for a reliable pond supply store? Look no further than Automatic Supply. Pond aeration is key to maintaining clean water, healthy plant and fish life, and general beauty for any pond. With Kasco aerating fountains, Airmax sub-surface aeration systems, and Pond Logic water treatments, Automatic Supply can supply your needs for ponds large and small.


Chemical Pest Strips help keep the insects & pests out of your controllers or anywhere that you’d rather live without these pesky creatures.


Spectrum Technologies moisture meter help accurately measure the amount of moisture in the soil so you can determine how much you need to water.

Golf Irrigation Support 

Our golf irrigation team is second to none and will provide you with whatever support you need on your golf course. They put together some videos on frequently asked questions, so check them out and see if they contain the answer to your question!

Hunter Golf Literature

General Literature

Hunter Golf Catalog  |  Replacement Parts List | CAD Details | Golf Design Guides

TTS-800 Series Rotors

Product Brochure  |  Operating Specifications: TTS-880 / TTS-884 / TTS-885 / TTS-835

G-900 Series Rotors

Product Brochure  |  Operating Specifications: G-990 / G-995

G-800 Series Rotors

Operating Specifications: G-880 / G-884 / G-885 / G-835

G-80 Series Rotors

Operating Specifications: G-80B / G-84B / G-85B 

G-70 Series Rotors

Operating Specifications: G-70B / G-75B 

G-35 Series Rotors

Operating Specifications: G-35B

Pilot Command Center

Product Brochure / Network Design Guide / Decoder Design Guide

What do I do if a golf rotor is stuck on?

What golf accessories do you have in stock?


What golf accessories do you carry?

What golf accessories do you carry?

We trust our manufacturer.

Hunter Industries has been producing high-quality golf irrigation products since 1983. 

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Meet our Golf Team



Jim Held

VP of Golf Irrigation Sales
Mobile 317.697.2474



Don Stevens

Field Services Manager
Mobile 317.697.9262

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Blain Poole

Territory Manager
Mobile 317.664.1985


Seth English

Territory Manager - Southern Indiana/Northern Kentucky 
Mobile 812.459.5011

I have worked with Automatic Supply’s Golf Staff for 9 years on two different systems. Jim and Don’s knowledge and experience is second to none. Whenever I have a question or an issue arises, they are there for me to help resolve anything as soon as possible, no matter the time of year. Jim and Don also take the time to properly explain the mechanics and principles behind the system so that I can properly manage our facility. That level of service is well appreciated and is why I continue to rely on Automatic Supply for all my irrigation and drainage needs.

Ryan Cummings
 Golf Course Superintendent
 Elcona Country Club

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