How To Turn A Good Year Into A Great Year

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How To Turn A Good Year Into A Great Year

After a tough start in April, 2018 has become the kind of year that we have not experienced for quite some time.  Many of our customers are indicating that they have more business than they can possibly get to this year.  Crews are racing from one job to another, efficiency is suffering and the stress and exhaustion are starting to show.  Every year in the seasonal business we have chosen to make our living there always seems to be obstacles to success.  Weather & the economy have affected us the most in the last few years, and this year the problem is not enough labor available. The good news is we always seem to get by somehow.  

Steve ChristieWith this in mind here is my idea to take what could be a good year and make it a great one.  Rather than run from one job to another why not just try to make more money on fewer projects.  The customer has already selected your company as the one they want to work with so why not just upgrade the services you are already providing.  Years ago we finally were able to convince our customers to add landscape lighting to their job estimates and this has worked out very well.  There are even more of these upselling opportunities available today.  The NuTone mosquito system can take anywhere from 2-4 hours to install and if you are doing lighting then install the NuTone wire at the same time.  This product is both easy to install and easy to sell.  With daylight savings time in Indiana, people are spending more of their time outside.  Along with the outdoor kitchens you're installing why not add the Sonarray outdoor speaker system.  Sonarray is yet another product where you are laying wire anyway so put it alongside the lighting & NuTone fixtures.  Another upsell that takes a couple of hours to install and the profit is incredible.  Once a customer hears the system they are sold.  Last but not least if your customer is outside entertaining why not install Prime Patio 12V patio lights.  These lights look incredibly festive and add to the outdoor ambiance.  These also will work off the landscape lighting transformer you have already installed and while you're at it offer them a small water feature.

The four products - NuTone, Sonarray, Prime Patio & Atlantic Water Gardens are easy sells, and take very little time to install.  The result is less stress, fewer customer complaints about when their project will be started or finished and most importantly more profit with the same amount of labor.  Should any of these opportunities be of interest to you give us a call and we can help fill in the blanks and help you get started.  Look for more outdoor living products including Outdoor TV's that are on the way.

Steve Christie
President, Automatic Supply Co.