Increase Your Profits this Fall

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Increase Your Profits this Fall

Even if you’re not as busy doing irrigation work, the fall provides a lot of opportunities for new business - whether that’s with new customers or offering a new service to your current customers. If your customers are having you work on their yard, chances are that they enjoy spending time outside in their outdoor living areas. In the fall - they are threatened with spending less time there due to cooler temperatures and the days getting shorter. Make sure to capitalize on these items this fall:

  • Landscape Lighting: This is an easy way to add beauty, security, and usability to your customer’s outdoor living area. And in the fall, it can be easier to sell since the days are getting shorter and it’s getting darker earlier and earlier. Sell your customers on getting more usability out of their outdoor living area, improving safety by deterring robbers as well as lighting up stairs and other potential hazards, and highlighting the beauty of their home.

  • Outdoor Heating: Fall and spring are the perfect chances to sell your customers on outdoor heating. On those chilly fall nights, they’ll be able to stay outside as long as they’re comfortable and won’t have to be bundling up.

  • Pond Nets and Pond HeatersIf your customer has a pond or a water feature, you’ll want to make sure to offer them nets & heaters for them. The nets keep fall leaves from clogging up their pond or water feature. If they have fish in their pond, the heater will help keep them alive over the course of the winter and will keep the water feature from completely freezing over.