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Indiana Irrigation Contractors Council Education Program

Irrigation Contractors Host Event at The Summer Field Day

The Indiana Irrigation Contractors Council will host an educational workshop at the August 25th Summer Field Day in Danville. The annual event is held at the Hendricks County Fairgrounds and Conference Center.

The workshop will feature talks on “Water Availability in Indiana" with Dr. Laura Bowling of Purdue University’s Department of Watershed Hydrology as well as a presentation on “Regulation Potential for Irrigation Contractors” and “Integrating Sustainable Irrigation” by Mr. Jim Davis of Landtech.

Most importantly, we will be joined by Kristine Taylor of the Indiana Dept. of Environmental Management who will address potential changes in the rules affecting “Cross Connection Controls” and how these rules may be impacted by the Indiana Plumbing Code.

Four (4) Level 1 Continuing Education Credits are offered to those contractors licensed by the Irrigation Association.

A full description of these professional talks can be found here. You may register by mail or online at and join the Indiana Irrigation Contractors Council to take advantage of membership rates at the Field Day.

Every effort is being made to keep the IICC fully involved in the Green Industry Alliance and its work in representing the irrigation industry in legislative and regulatory affairs. Your support is both wanted and very much needed.

Bob Andrews
Executive Director