We know tools. 

The right tools can make any landscape job a little easier and a little better. And we have a bevvy of tools ranging from landscape tools, job site essentials, and electronic tracking equipment.

What tools do I need?

With years of experience, we know the tools that you need for your irrigation & landscape lighting jobs. Take a look at these videos and John Modglin and Rick Hughes will tell you exactly what you need.

These aren't just any tools.

These tools are better than anything you'll find at your local big box store. They're sturdier, will last longer, and are better suited for the jobs that you will be doing. In addition to shovels, spades, etc. we offer electronic tools that can help you find valves and more. Check out all we have to offer.


Some helpful videos and literature for your tool questions.

Landscape Tools



Seymour Midwest supplies all Automatic Supply locations with durable, contractor-grade landscape tools, including shovels, trenchers, rakes, tamps, brooms, wheel barrows, tile probes, and more. With a wide variety of rugged, proven tools, look no further than Automatic Supply.

Hand Tools & Various Supplies


Automatic Supply has other job site essentials covered, with hand tools, marking products, and more from Christy’s. All of our tools are on display at our warehouses, so you can browse, compare, and pick up what you need to get the job done.

Electronic Tracking Equipment



Automatic Supply has wire locators, current testers, multimeters, and other electronic tracking equipment from Armada Technologies.

What tools do I need to install an irrigation system?

How can I find a valve?

How do I water a new tree?

What tools do I need to fix an irrigation system?

The best manufacturers

We keep quality high by carrying quality products. We're proud of our manufacturers, so we've included links to their websites and some other helpful information.

Seymour Midwest
king innovation
Epic plastics

We're here to help you.

Our staff is knowledgeable about every product line and we're willing and able to help you troubleshoot, answer any questions you have, or help you get started. Contact any of our sales staff to get started today!


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