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Must Haves for Fall

The weather's starting to turn, the cool, crisp fall air is waking you up in the morning, and the daylight is getting shorter and shorter. As we begin this fall season, there are some products that we think are must-haves for you this year.

1. Outdoor heaters: This is the perfect opportunity to extend the life of outdoor living areas, whether that is a restaurant patio or a homeowner's backyard. Give them the opportunity to use this area well into the cooler nights of fall. The outdoor heaters we carry are high quality and provide a unique look for outdoor living areas. 

2. Retrofit lamps: The days are getting shorter which means it's getting darker earlier and earlier. Your customers' landscape lighting systems will be on longer this time of year and getting a lot more use. This is the perfect time to service their systems and replace any bad bulbs with retrofit LED lamps.

3. Pond nets and pond heaters: If your customer has a water feature, these are essential for your fall services. Pond nets over the fall and winter help keep unwanted debris like leaves out of the pond, which keeps it cleaner & easier to maintain. Pond heaters are useful if your customer has fish that they want to make sure stay alive over the course of the winter. It helps keep the water feature from completely freezing over.

4. Gloves, Safety Vests, and Rain Jackets: It's important for your crews to be able to handle all of the elements when working in the fall. You never know how cold, dark or rainy it will be so it's always best to be prepared.