Product Spotlight – Snow and Ice Removal

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Product Spotlight – Snow and Ice Removal

With winter just around the corner, Automatic Supply is stocked and ready to help you with your snow and ice removal needs. We carry a wide variety of ice melt as well as snow spreaders, pushers, shovels and more. Read about a few of our favorite snow and ice removal offerings.

Snowcaster by ECA Enterprises

The Snowcaster series of products is designed for increased efficiency during manual snow removal. Its innovative design reduces back strain and fatigue and delivers increased efficiency levels of up to 50%.

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Spyker 80 lb. Pro-Series Spreader

The 80 lb. Pro-Series Spreader from Spyker provides increased hopper capacity for servicing larger properties, while still retaining its maneuverability when loaded. With its low center of gravity and the capacity hopper makes this spreader ideal for commercial-size projects.

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Central Salt MegaMelt ProSlicer

MegaMelt ProSlicer is created through the application of a high-performance liquid deicer added to a screened ice melt crystal. Through the use of prewetting technology, each crystal is encapsulated in liquid deicer to give it the one-two high performance punch of a fast melting liquid deicer and the staying power of granular ice melt. MegaMelt ProSlicer is known as the fastest to melt snow and ice and perform to its specifications.

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Ensure a smooth and efficient winter with the help of these innovative products available at your local Automatic Supply warehouse. Contact us with any questions you may have about your snow and ice removal needs.