Rain Bird SMRT-Y Soil Moisture Sensor

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Rain Bird SMRT-Y Soil Moisture Sensor

The SMRT-Y Soil Moisture Sensor Kit is an easy to install add-on to any standard irrigation system, new or existing. Program the controller to water every day that irrigation is allowed, and the soil moisture sensor will do the rest. The 

SMRT-Y saves enough water, typically over 40%, to pay for itself in less than a year.
As the SMRT-Y optimizes water at the root zone, you will enjoy a healthier landscape that is less prone to fungus and shallow root growth. The sensor’s industry leading accuracy and durability addresses the environmental demands of both residential and commercial applications.

Features of the SMRT-Y Soil Moisture sensor include:

  • Turns any controller into a water saving smart controller
  • Healthier landscapes less prone to nutrient depletion, fungus, and shallow root growth
  • Typical water savings exceed 40%
  • TDT digital sensor enables highly accurate readings that are independent of soil temperature and electrical conductivity (EC)
  • Displays soil moisture content, soil temperature and EC
  • Corrosion-resistant in-ground sensor made of high-grade 304 stainless steel
  • Digital TDT™ sensor delivers industry leading accuracy in all soils as proven by university studies, independent labs, and professionals for over 5 years
  • Connects to an existing zone and can be extended up to 4000 feet to provide total design flexibility

To learn more about the SMRT-Y Soil Moisture Sensor visit the Rain Bird website or stop by an Automatic Supply location near you.