Frequently Asked Questions

How much are my points worth?
You will earn 1 point for every $2 of products purchased and paid for. The value of a point is $0.02 per point.

Do all my purchases qualify?
All purchases qualify except for specified purchases such as pump stations, or specially ordered items (determined on an individual basis).

Who is this program for?
Individuals who are owners or key employees of contracting businesses who purchase product from Automatic Supply. This program is typically unavailable for municipalities and government agencies.

What can I redeem with my points?
You can redeem your points for any product or service purchase that you like (a new TV, a power tool, a hotel accommodation, an airline ticket - just about anything, as long as it's legal), or to pay off your Automatic Supply account. You cannot redeem points for cash. Redeeming points for gift cards may be subject to a 1099 (see below).

Will I receive a 1099 form when I redeem my points?
Generally we will not be issuing 1099's, though we will issue 1099's if redeeming points for gift cards totaling over $600 in a calendar year.

Do I lose my points at the end of the year?
No, they will roll over to future years.

Am I in any danger of losing my points?
Points remain valid as long as members have made a purchase with Automatic Supply within the past year. If a full year passes without any purchases by a member, that member's points are forfeited and their rewards membership is terminated.

What if my Automatic Supply credit account is past due? Can I still redeem my points?
Your Automatic Supply account must be current to redeem points. Until it is current, the only way to redeem points is to apply them to your overdue balance. Points will not be forfeited because of an overdue account, unless that account becomes so delinquent that it is sent to collections.

How long can I save my points?
You can save points as long as you like, provided you continue to purchase from Automatic Supply at least once per year. The points will not be expiring in the foreseeable future, however, if the program is cancelled, members will be given plenty of notice to redeem their points prior to cancellation. Upon such notification, Automatic Supply is not financially liable to dispense money to members who fail to redeem by the deadline. But again, this program is set to be in place for the foreseeable future, with no end date in sight.

Does this mean there will be no more Automatic Supply trips?
At this point, no current trip is planned. We will evaluate this in the coming years to see if there is sufficient support to plan a trip.

Can I use my points to pay my bill?
You will be able to redeem your points and apply as a credit on your account. There will be no cash payout, but you can use the credit against any purchases.

Is there a minimum purchase amount to be in the program?
There is no minimum purchase. You will earn points for all paid purchases. However, there will be a minimum point redemption level. For example, you will need at least 5,000 points to make any redemption.

If there is something I want how do I make sure I get it?
Talk to us. Notify your salesperson of your interest.

What if I don’t have enough points to redeem for what I want, can I pay the difference?
Yes, we will accept payment for the balance, using the $0.02 per point formula.

Can I use my Rain Bird Rewards points in your program?
Yes, you can use your Rain Bird Rewards distributor credits toward any redemption that you wish.

Will there be other opportunities throughout the year to gain additional points?
We will run specials throughout the year to give you opportunities to earn extra points.

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