Score Big With Kichler VLO Fixtures

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Score Big With Kichler VLO Fixtures

Now is the time to score big with Kichler Variable Lumen Output (VLO) fixtures. Every Kichler VLO fixture delivers three lumen outputs that you can change easily on-site with a magnetic key, without the increased risk of failure associated with a mechanical adjustment.

The smart technology allows contractors to create more customized lighting effects upon the initial install while carrying fewer fixtures. Plus, VLO fixtures can adjust to a landscape’s needs over time. Just size your transformer based on the highest VA you expect to use, and you’re ready for anything. 

During the month of September, get 12% off all Kichler VLO fixtures, plus earn an NFL jersey of your choice by spending over $2,000 on VLO fixtures throughout the month. Everyone who qualifies for a jersey will also be entered to win dinner and a Colts game with Kichler and Automatic.

Ask an Automatic Supply team member for details or contact us directly today.

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