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Smart Irrigation Month

Smart Irrigation Month is an Irrigation Association initiative to increase awareness of the value of water use and grow demand for water-saving products, practices and services. Initially, this was launched in 2015 and continues to gain traction every year. Beginning in 2013, Indiana started to proclaim July as Smart Irrigation Month state-wide. Recently, our Sales Manager Michael White went down to the Indiana State House and picked up the Smart Irrigation Month proclamation. 

This campaign is designed to educate businesses, homeowners, and any other users of water about the importance of efficient water usage and what kind of technology is available to make sure we are using water the best that we can. Be sure to position yourself or your organization as a leader in smart water stewardship. 

Automatic Irrigation supplies many different types of water saving products, from Advanced Water Management to wifi controllers. Be sure to check out more information.

Interested in seeing the Smart Irrigation Month proclamation? Click HERE.

We also have several videos related to Smart Irrigation Month and smart watering practices.

How to save water in an irrigation system:

How to bring water saving technologies to your customers attention: