Snow & Ice Removal Products From Automatic Supply

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Snow & Ice Removal Products From Automatic Supply

Winter weather is upon us and we'd like to take the opportunity to remind you that Automatic Supply has all of the snow and ice removal products you need in stock and ready to go. Get your crews prepared with the highest quality supplies from our trusted manufacturers.

Comfortable oversized handles allow for two-hand pushing, and reinforced blades provide exceptional strength while maintaining flexibility. A strong steel shaft accommodates lifting and moving of full loads.
snow shovel

Because the Snowcaster is on wheels, it eliminates the need for repeated lifting of the shovel and snow. The angled blade can be shifted from left to right and allows for "wind-rowing" of snow. The Snowcaster is made in the United States and is built to last for years. Inexpensive replacement parts are also available for minor repairs.

Salt & Ice Melt 
We offer a variety of ice melts and salts designed to meet the specific needs of your job sites. Purchase these products by the bag, pallet, or semi for maximum savings.
Ice Melt

Salt & Ice Melt Spreader
Spyker Spreaders project an even spread pattern allowing for better spreading coverage. Accu-way™, a Spyker innovation, supports the proper, consistent distribution of material. With ample hopper capacity for servicing larger properties, the 80 lb. Spyker Spreader still retains its maneuverability when loaded.
Spyker Spreader

Stop by an Automatic Supply location to learn more about our snow an ice removal offerings today!