Vista Compact Series - Easy To Hide, Hard To Ignore

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Vista Compact Series - Easy To Hide, Hard To Ignore

Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting introduces its four new LED Compact Series Fixtures.  These fixtures are easy to hide throughout a landscape but deliver exceptional lighting results.

5013i & 5014i Integrated LED Up & Accent Lights

These Compact LED Fixtures combine a sleek, compact design along with exceptional beam spread and control. In fact, these up & accent fixtures deliver more lumens per watt than standard drop-in LEDs. So even when concealed in the landscape, the performance is undeniably spectacular.

vista lightvista light

2265 Path & Spread Light

The 2265 from Vista Landscape Lighting arrives ready to install with a factory-fitted high-performance, T3 LED lamp. Constructed from heavy-gauge, copper- free die-cast aluminum, the 2265 has lasting strength and durability under all weather conditions. The high-impact polycarbonate lens is textured for an even light distribution and sealed for maximum protection in damp locations. This competitively priced LED fixture is an ideal solution for all path light applications.

vista outdoor path light

5105 LED Compact Flood Light

The 5105 LED compact flood light features advanced chip-on-board (COB) LED technology. Its integrated, single LED chip/emitter is available in 2W, 3W and 4W. It delivers a powerful output range from 200 to 400 delivered lumens.

vista flood light

To learn more about Vista's complete line of professional outdoor lighting products visit their website, stop by an Automatic Supply location, or contact us directly.