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We know water features.

Whether large or small, as an authorized Aquascape Pro and Atlantic Water Gardens Distributor, Automatic Supply has what you need to create an aquatic paradise. We have everything you need from small bubblers, pumps and pond liner for smaller ponds to fountains and aeration systems for larger ponds.

Water Features Products Contact: Rick Hughes

So what does it take?

What does it take to install a great water feature? It takes the best products & knowledge from the best sales people. 

Water Features & Ponds

With the water gardening lines we carry, we feel confident that you can create a paradise in your customer’s backyard. These innovative products can achieve dazzling beauty, while also offering the relaxing sound of flowing water. If you’re limited in space you can offer a bubbling boulder or a Colorfall. Or if your customer has bigger sights in mind, we offer water feature kits that allow you to create pondless waterfalls or even a pond. We offer small decorative features, basins, pond kits, pondless waterfall kits, pumps, chemicals, pond liner, underlayment, heaters, underwater lights and more. We also offer hands-on training to help give you the confidence you’ll need in designing and creating water features.

Water Features Support

Some helpful videos and literature for your water features questions.

Additional Water Features Training

Aquascape Academy

Free | Sign up required | no CEUs

Classes ranging anywhere from beginner to PRO Distributor courses, this academy will help you learn everything you need to know about water gardening.


Atlantic Water Gardens (AWG) University

Free | Sign up required | no CEUs

Free water gardening education. Choose from the College of Construction, Pumps, Filtration and Biology to learn more of what you need to know about water features and water gardening.

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Aquascape PRO

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Helpful Troubleshooting & How-To Videos

How do you size a pump for a water feature?

What are my options for applying black foam?

Online Videos

Aquascape Inc. frequently posts helpful YouTube videos that provide instructions and tips for using and designing with their products, as well as fun facts and sales techniques that can help contractors explain the benefits of water features to potential customers.  Check out this video for one example, and visit them on their YouTube channel to see their library of videos.

How do I clear up my pond water?

The best manufacturers

We keep quality high by carrying quality products. We're proud of our manufacturers, so we've included links to their websites and some other helpful information.


We're here to help you.

Our staff is knowledgeable about every product line and we're willing and able to help you troubleshoot, answer any questions you have, or help you get started. Contact any of our sales staff to get started today!

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Rick Hughes

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Andy Anderson

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Tim Christie

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