Which Wi-Fi Controller is Right for Your Customers?

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Which Wi-Fi Controller is Right for Your Customers?

Wi-Fi control is one of the biggest developments to hit the irrigation industry in the past decade. With so many options available and new technologies constantly being released, it’s hard to know which model best fits the needs of your customers. Above is a comparison of Automatic Supply’s top 3 Wi-Fi enabled controllers.

It is important to note that these are not the only Wi-Fi enabled controllers available through Automatic Supply. Both Hunter and Rain Bird offer simpler solutions geared more towards homeowners. These include Hunter’s HC Controller and Rain Bird’s ESP-TM2 Controller. Also available is Hunter’s HPC-FP, a face panel designed to upgrade existing Pro-C controllers (manufactured on or after March 2014) to include Wi-Fi capability.

Looking for training on this new technology? Visit the following manufacturer training portals:

Rain Bird Online Training
Hunter Online Training

As always, the Automatic Supply team is happy to assist you with your Wi-Fi control purchase decision, training, and marketing to your customers. Feel free to ask an associate at one of our branch locations or contact us online or by phone.