Why the Snowcaster Isn’t Just Another Shovel

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Why the Snowcaster Isn’t Just Another Shovel

With snow in the forecast, you may ask yourself why you should buy yet another shovel for you and your crew. With Snowcaster’s innovative design, the increased efficiency will justify the cost in just one season. Here’s what makes the Snowcaster different:

Bi-Directional Angled Blade
The blade design allows snow removal in both directions and allows for wind-rowing snow removal.

Made in the USA
All of Snowcaster’s products are proudly made in the United States with Snowcaster’s headquarters located in Indiana.

Superior Quality
All products are made of high-quality materials and come with a one year warranty. Snowcasters are also easy to maintain with replacement parts including blades, handles, and wheels all available from Automatic Supply.

Increased Efficiency
Snowcaster’s design makes it 50% more efficient than traditional snow shovels while also reducing back strain. Watch the video below to see how the Snowcaster stands up to a traditional shovel:

Snowcaster snow shovel